It’s all about relationship!

Father is more interested in the condition of your heart than your behavior. He knows that the key to right conduct is your heart in deep, rich fellowship with Himself. That is why Jesus opened up a New and Living way into the presence of our Father without condemnation, guilt or shame. The blood has been shed to utterly cleanse your conscience so you can stand blameless before Him. In the New Covenant our sins and lawless deeds He does not remember. Why not agree with Him that your past is settled and receive more of His gracious empowerment so that the future is like the dawning of a new day? The only thing that can change us Is His love. Come boldly – with unembarrassed freedom of speech – to the throne of grace and obtain mercy – God’s faithfulness to His covenant – and His grace – the Spirit working in us to empower us – in time of need. It’s all about relationship! – Joe McIntyre, May 15 2014

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